Interesting ideas for college research paper can be found anywhere! Every single thing you see around can be the source of good ideas for college research paper! Emotional, spiritual, physical and mental aspects of life can be successfully studied in a college research paper.

The best thing about a college research paper writing task is that you can create research paper outline for every aspect of life that can be researched. To render a college research paper help for every needy student, we have created a list of possible topics you can avail of.

  1. Same-sex marriages: the motives and the arguments.

You have an opportunity to create a very interesting research paper that is of current importance. You can delve into the history of different nations that have forbidden homosexual relationship and the ones that haven’t placed restrictions on this type of relations. You can provide pros and cons of this situation without taking somebody’s side. Moreover, it would be a great idea to provide your own thoughts concerning the fact that same-sex marriages are not recognized by the world religions.

  1. Illegal drug trade.

Marijuana and cannabis are illegal in many countries in the whole world. Nevertheless, there are a number of countries (Canada, Holland, and the USA) where cannabis is used as a prescription drug. You can mention the point that despite cannabis and marijuana are not forbidden in some countries, a lot of medical studies have proved that they have negative effect on health of human being.

  1. Bob Marley’s influence.

You can dedicate your research paper to some of your personal interests. For instance, you’re a fan of Bob Marley, you can write on the Bob Marley’s influence in the world culture and your personal life. Moreover, you can write about reggae music and Rastafarianism in general and tell your reader why you think Bob Marley has become a real hero for all oppressed people on the globe.

We hope that these simple college research paper help tips have led you to some interesting idea to devote your own project to.