The quality of the outcome of an essay paper will always depend on two things. The first one is time and the second one is the writing skills of the student. It mostly happens that when students are supposed to do an essay paper they always have other pending assignments to do, and when they write the essay hurriedly the probability of getting low grades is very high. On the other hand, if a student doesn’t understand the given topic of the essay the results of his or her work will be poor. To avoid failing their exams student opt to order essay from companies or even students who write on behalf of others at a fee. This decision to order essay papers is the start of problems in the academic performance of the student because not student can be careful in doing your exam like you as an individual. Many companies that offer essay writing services have come up too, and some are not very genuine therefore depending on them may lead to getting tricked. Companies will promise to deliver quality paper but at the end you will get plagiarized almost unusable essay.

To avoid all these hustles a student should simply embark on researching on the given topic and get examples of similar essays that have been written before. A research essay example will help you with the structuring of your essay, and when you combine what you learn from the research essay example with the research that you will have done on the topic you will definitely write a complete essay by yourself. Essay services are genuine but whatever essay is ordered from them should be checked well to ascertain that it is free from mistakes and that it focuses on the topic. It is however more fulfilling to write the essay that you will be comfortable with.