Most institutions of higher learning assign students some form of extended writing assignment which is usually in the form of a research paper. Most of the instructions of research papers usually require of a student to identify broad area of research that is related to the course and to focus on a certain topic that requires plenty of background reading. A research paper should also have a clear research questing to which it should attempt to provide answers and marshal enough sources both primary and secondary to satisfactorily answer the research question.

Knowing what a research paper entails is not enough to come up with a good research paper, one still needs to know how to write that perfect custom research papers. The first rule of writing a good research paper is that one should carry out some background reading, engage critical thinking and consult with one’s professor so as to generate up with the perfect research paper topic to write the research paper on. One should also generate a clear research question that can either be general or particular although most professors prefer that on selects a particular research question because such a question will easily direct one’s focus on a certain path.

A good research paper should also requires that one carry out some real research or he can order research paper. Real research implies more than just going through several secondary sources and reading some articles in the internet. Real research actually implies concentrating on the primary sources. However, what counts as the primary sources depend on the kind of research paper question that one is tackling in the paper.