So, you’re assigned with the task to write research essays within the deadline? Surely, research essays writing assignment is a real challenge for an average student, but if you break the whole writing process into small stages you will cope with the task in a flash!

First of all, make a research essay topics list in order to choose the best topic. Approach your instructor – it’s his job to help you to accomplish professionally written essay. Select the topic from the research essay topics list that is broad enough to be attracting for the readers and narrow enough to handle. Find the sources relevant to your research. It is recommended to visit famous educational web pages, local library and academic databases. Start with 4-5 sources; look at the bibliographies to find additional sources until you have enough material to work on.

Reserve an index card for every material source.  Use these index cards to record bibliographical information on. Don’t forget to number every card for the future reference.

Take notes on the cards in the process of reading, putting down only the material that is closely related to your topic. Put the source number on every index card. Make sure to organize all the cards in accordance with the topic and subtopic. The index cards will serve as the basis for the research essay outline.

Start writing your essay with an introductive section that attracts your reader’s attention and defines your argument trajectory.

Write the body of your essay on the basis of the outline you have generated in your outline. Don’t forget to cite sources.

Work on the conclusion, providing a review for all the points.

Come up with the topic for your work after you’ve accomplished the paper, but not before: don’t let the content of your paper be hamstrung by unsuitable title.

Read and re-read your paper several times to make sure your arguments make sense and are written logically.

Edit, revise and proofread your paper carefully. Remember, tutor hate typos.

We hope that ‘how to do a research paper?’ question won’t torture your mind anymore!