What is rubric? If you are a writer or tutor, you would have come across the term rubric. Rubric is a tool that helps a tutor to valuate and grade the writing piece of a student. This tool is more likely used in grading essay papers and concludes whether the essay does perfect justice to the topic chartered. Many people conclude that rubric helps in just evaluating the writing, but it has plenty of features in addition. Research essay rubric evaluation asses the skills and behaviour of the students and moreover it helps to asses time management of the kids.

Rubric encourages the writer to find selective subject and research essay topic ideas for making the piece very effective and appealing. The rubric tool provokes the student to involve in class participation and makes him to be round robin. With the use of rubric tool, the teacher can evaluate the performance of the student and find out who is capable than the others. Student’s contribution in curriculum and extra-curricular activities such as recitation, ability to answer time sense and responsibility could be evaluated easily.

Rubric involves the student in all forms of group activities and event the instructors can use rubric to cheer the students with a positive spirit. Right from recitation, project involvement, essay writing will be greatly encouraged. This enhances the personal skills and abilities of the student. As a result, the student will show his/her cooperation in all the academic activities performed in the class room. Moreover using research essay rubric tool will help the teacher or trainer to guide the students and groom them to present excellent essay papers. The listening power, behaviour, character, respect and group action will be greatly enhanced and the children will become proactive to participate in all sort of activities in the class room.