If you were looking for a reliable research paper advice, you’ve got to the right place! Research paper writing task may seem quite tiresome and stunning research paper creation can be simply unreal for the college/university students. However, the best research paper advice goes that proper research and proper ideas concluding from this research will let you create best research papers in the class! Carefully prepare your topic and focus on only one task at a time in order to make the research process easier.

Recommendation #1: Preparation

First of all, you have to think about your research paper as an opportunity to learn more about something you’re fond of. It will be easier to perform a research faster when you are working on the topic you’re interested in and have profound knowledge at. Next step is to narrow your topic to some limited idea. For instance, if you are interested in the history of France, you can narrow down your topic to a design of a famous lattice tower Eiffel Tower.

When you decide on the topic, it’s time to look for the materials to create the best research papers! First of all, you can go to the local library to look for the archive and recently published sources. It is recommended to find the book that is the most suitable for your essay and go to the ‘further reading’ section to find the list of the other books related to your topic.

If you decide to use Internet information, it is highly recommended to approach the web sites with these endings: ‘gov’, ‘org’, ‘edu’. The point is that these web sites will be educational with reliable information.

Now you have all the material you need to accomplish your paper. Read all the articles in order to gather the information in your head to come up to a logic conclusion and then start writing your paper.


The key point of every research paper is a thesis statement. This is your central idea regarding the topic of the paper. A thesis statement is usually presented in one or two sentences and is placed in the introduction section.

Include quotes, case studies and facts into the body section to prove why the thesis statement you’ve provided is valid. Don’t forget to back up every statement of yours and properly cite it in order to avoid plagiarism!