Research paper is a form of a technical writing that exhibits the kind of study that a student has gone through in the past academic session. Lab reports are also form part of research paper as well as academic journals, the term papers and thesis. To achieve maximum points on writing a research paper, the student must realize that it’s not only the research and knowledge that is fundamental to a good research paper; it’s about the positive attitude, the belief that you are going to come up with a quality paper that one presents to the research paper topics. In this kind of spirit beefed up with quality research and good academic knowledge will eventually constitute to a good research paper. There is a general guideline that must be followed again when coming up with a quality research paper, the first step involved is that a research paper must have relevant research topic. The second step that is involved in coming up with a research paper is the literature findings. This is the most hectic process that takes one a lot of time and sweat. The academic literature must be relevant to the subject topic and must include the results exhibited by other scholars who did the same research, however your results must be an improvement to what was already done. The next process is stating the thesis writing, this is where you either question the relevancy of the topic of study to support it or criticize it. One must therefore come up with two hypotheses. The next step is coming up with a hesitant outline that describes the methodology used in the research, the method of achieving formidable results as well as the graphs and tabulation to boost the credibility of the research. Last part of the research paper is coming up with a qualitative draft and then the final copy.