Best research essay ideas can be generated by means of proper organization. The process of selection of the topics for research essay requires narrowing to specific ideas. If you have good organization, research skills together with caution and imagination, you have an opportunity to build up the best solid topics for research essay.

Target Audience

You need to be 100% aware of all the expectations of your tutor. Make sure you were attentive during the course of lectures where professors usually provide students with the fundamental requirements for the essay assignment.


You have to narrow the focus of your topic. You can start with the title of the course. If your course is French History, you can use simple tools to guide the search. You can use the course syllabus which is very useful. Moreover, you have an opportunity to use outline of course material provided by your instructor as research essay outline for your own work. Use sub-headings as possible topics. For French History a syllabus can include The Bonapartists of French Republic as headings. You can choose one and narrow your topic from here.


Once you make up your mind concerning the direction you want to go in your essay, you can keep on refining. If, for instance, you want to write about the representatives of Bonapartists in French history, you may choose to write about Charles de Gaulle’s various parties. Then, you can narrow your topic to write about Charles de Gaulle and his goal to establish a Bonapartist government. How far you can narrow your research essay outline depends upon the requirements of your tutor.


A lot of students find Internet a very useful material resource. In a twinkling of an eye you can find the information needed to complete your paper. Nevertheless, the web can be dangerous too. You can approach your tutor for reliable Internet websites you can avail of.