There are different parts to a research paper. First, a research paper entails a record of a research that is conducted in the field in most cases and this research always aims at finding out new knowledge. When writing my research paper, it is first important to note that you must come up with a research proposal. The research proposal is a precursor to the research paper and its aim is to make a suggestion to conduct the research so that the authority is given to the researcher. When writing your proposal which will give leeway to the step that will lead to the writing of your research paper, remember that you are aiming at convincing the authorizing body to give the permission for the research to be conducted.  In your research paper, remember that the research papers starts from the abstract and introduction respectively. In these parts, what you should do in your research paper is to give information that defines the major areas that the paper will dwell on. Be very thorough here because it is this part of your research paper that will give your paper the vigor and urge to be read. It is the stronghold of the research paper and should then be thoroughly done. The statement of the problem in your research paper should be very clear. Let the reader understand the problem on which your research paper is pegged very well so that he will have no problem at all in comprehending the research paper. at the end of the research paper help, where you will have presented the findings, discussions, conclusion and recommendations, make sure you have answered the research questions fully.